Raw Food Diet Has Made Him Almost Superhuman

The Fruitarian Marathoner, Michael Arnstein, Eats 25-30 Pounds of Fruit Daily and Little Else on His Raw Food Diet.

Michael Arnstein started on a raw food diet being on a quest to find out how fast he could run a marathon.

He knew the key to running as fast and as far as he could would be found in losing body fat.

He had read that a raw food diet could deliver these kinds of results and so he gave it a try. And what additional benefits he experienced while trying out a raw food diet astonished him and proved life changing.

He was hooked on raw food .

He says that he couldn’t get sick, his body would not break down and his performance level kept climbing and climbing.

In this video, CNN interviews this marathoner asking him questions prompting him to defend and address the issues around the raw food diet debate .

His blood work has only shown a periodic deficiency in Vitamin B12. So that is the only supplement that he takes. All other blood markers have been great.

Listen to Arnstein present his health challenges and benefits since going raw and his message to the naysayers who think raw is not healthy for the body.


(Image/Source: http://rawveganzone.com/raw-food-diet-has-made-him-almost-superhuman/ )

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