Dr. Sebi Goes Beyond A Raw Food Diet To A Cure For All Diseases

There Is Only One Cause Of All Disease – You Name It and Yes Dr. Sebi Means That Too!

Dr. Sebi is known as the man who has found a cure for all diseases.

His approach is based on one prognosis and that is that there is only one cause for all disease.

No matter if you have cancer, diabetes, aides, herpes, lupus, sickle cell anemia, blindness, bipolar disorder, ADHD, mesothelioma, depression, drug addiction, and you fill in the blank….__________ – all these diseases are caused by this one thing…


In the court case, Dr. Sebi vs. State of New York, 77 witnesses came forth to testify in court that they had been healed of their respective diseases using Dr. Sebi’s methods and some had the medical records to backed them up.

Dr. Sebi testifies in court that his approach utilizes “compounds that changes the environment of the body through intracellular cleansing and replenish the cells causing cellular proliferation wherein new cells push out old cells.”(1)

Dr. Sebi does not promote a blanket raw food diet as a means to cure all diseases. As a matter of fact, in this video you will hear him discourage eating certain foods that plant based diets promote like beans (16:45), soy (16:55), spinach (19:50), and carrots (20:45).

Dr. Sebi’s methods takes you beyond simply a raw food diet to a cure for all diseases that employs a combination of these four things:

  • BioMineral Therapy
  • Electric, Alkaline Foods
  • Fasting
  • Mother Nature’s Herbs

Listen to Dr. Sebi deliver his methodologies and the basis for them.




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