(VIDEO) Cancer Nurse of 17 Years Quits Her Job To Promote Nutrition Heals Cancer

Chemotherapy Is Your Death Sentence

In this video, Chris from ChrisBeatCancer interviews Valerie Warwick, an oncology nurse for 17 years who quit her lucrative job because she could not take it anymore.

She learned firsthand how the conventional cancer industry makes their money (and she earned her paycheck) promoting and treating cancer with toxins that resulted in the patients’ imminent death.

She also learned that when patients who took an alternate approach to treat their cancers with nutrition and non-toxic therapies, this led to their anticipated cure and longer life.

She discovered that nutrition and non-toxic therapies could cure cancers that were even in stage 4.

The interview opens with Valerie describing the circumstances that led her to eventually discover how nutrition played a vital role in healing cancer.

  • 1:25 – Dad had throat cancer and she experienced her Dad go through conventional cancer therapy and die a year and half later
  • 4:51 – She learned her 50 year old best friend had stage 4 colon cancer and died a year and half after undergoing conventional cancer treatment
  • 5:20 – She researched alternative treatments and discovered how diet improves your health
  • 9:29 – Valerie begins to share her insider knowledge of what shocking things she saw on the job and what people need to know before agreeing to undergo conventional cancer treatment

The information that Valerie shares as she answers these two questions will open your eyes about the imminent fatality of conventional cancer treatments. Alternatively, this information will also give you hope that there is a cancer cure which you can share with people you may know who has cancer.

After watching this video interview with Valerie, SHARE this hope with your friends and family.

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