From Junk Food Junkies To Vegan Marathon Runners

Robert weighing in at 327 lbs. and Jessica weighing in at 287 lbs got sick and tired of what they saw in the mirror every morning and put their feet down and said enough is enough!!!

There determination to shed the pounds and to gain the energy to experience life to the fullest with their four children lead them to a solution: a vegan diet and a new found passion for fitness.

In two years, the have managed to shed 280 pounds collectively to look and feel the best they have in many years.

They have transformed the lifestyles from being junk food junkies to being vegan marathon runners.

Take a look at them now.


What really did it take for Robert and Jessica embrace their vegan diet and the treadmill?

This is what ran through Robert’s mind:

Publicly, he embraced his lifestyle as a “BBQ-lovin’, beef-eatin’, no-veggie-buyin'” male who wore T-shirts flaunting his hefty size. There was a particularly perverse one, he says looking back on it, which read “I beat anorexia.”

Privately, he was resentful that he wasn’t thinner. He felt angry when he couldn’t bear to take his four little girls to the park because he was too exhausted from unloading groceries. He resented being told he was too big for the seat-belt latch on amusement park rides.

This is what ran through Jessica’s mind:

I adore my kids and I love my husband very much, but there was that point I hated myself so much. I wasn’t giving them the full me because I was disgusted,” Jess said. “You have to look in the mirror and say, ‘Am I going to allow this to continue or am I going to stand up and make those changes?’ A light turned on upstairs.

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The new enriching, healthy lifestyle that Robert and Jessica adopted that gave them these much-desired results included:

  • cooking their meals from scratch at home
  • eating mainly fruit and vegetables with some lean meats until finally going vegan
  • regular exercise at least 3 times a week – ie. Zumba, bike riding, treadmill, hiking, swimming walking and running
  • a new love for self and life purpose

What an amazing transformation story that Robert and Jessica Foster has to tell!


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