Why I Eat The Same Thing Every Single Day

Why You Should Apply the Art of Simplicity to Your Meal Planning?

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein are all famous for simplifying their wardrobes and wearing the same outfits every day.

Why not consider the examples of successful people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein and apply the art of simplicity to your daily meal planning?

The principle of simplification is worth considering I think even when it comes to our meals.

When I visited my grandmother’s house during the summers as a child, I noticed that we had the same breakfast every morning like clockwork.

Now as an adult, I can appreciate her meal simplification approach.

For every meal, there is so much for me to think about. I have to think about the food variety, amount of food to feed everyone, what I have in my cupboards and what I need to shop for, preparation and cooking time for the recipe selected, match meal time with the family’s shifting schedules, etc.

It is a lot of details to juggle. Sometimes I just wish I could afford to hire a cook and relieve my mind of having to think about all of it.

Reading this article by Nathan Wiebe at MindBodyGreen.com got me to seriously revisiting how I approach my meal planning. I would really rather simplify my meals and free up more mental energy for other things.

Nathan isn’t talking about eating vegetarian or vegan but what he is talking about applies to plant-based diets as well. How can you simplify your plant-based meals each day? Do you even see any value in doing so?

Nathan makes a good argument for why eating the same meal everyday may be the best thing you can do. Consider Nathan’s top 5 reasons for doing so and why you may want to also.

5 Reasons To Simplify Your Diet

1. I save my willpower for more important matters.

By having a few go-to meals that I eat on a consistent basis, I don’t have to think about my meals. This strategy helps me conserve my willpower for more important decisions — and it could help you turn down any junk food offers throughout the day.

2. My meals are optimized for health.

I crafted highly nutritious meals for myself that I eat every day. Here’s what my daily diet looks like:

  • Lunch: Smoked salmon, 1 avocado and cheese
  • Dinner: Bacon, eggs, shredded cheese and green vegetables (like black kale, buk choy, or zucchini for example)

By eating the same nutrient-dense meals on a regular basis, I ensure that my body is getting the nutrition it needs to be healthy and lean. Once you know what it feels like to get consistent, nutritious food it will become very easy to stick with those meals because you’ll know what to eat to feel good, instead of eating just because it tastes good.

3. I am never stressed about food.

For a lot of people worrying about their diets can become very stressful when it doesn’t have to be. By simplifying your diet you take the worry out of the equation.

4. I save time and money.

With fewer ingredients and a shorter grocery list, you will find yourself saving more money and spending a lot less time in the grocery store.

5. My healthy eating habits give me peace of mind.

Simplifying my diet was like putting my health on autopilot. When eating healthy becomes something you just do instead something you have to constantly think about, you develop peace of mind.

I think these 5 reasons are pretty good reasons to consider simplifying your daily meals. However, there are two critical questions going through my mind when I start considering eating the same thing every day.

Question #1: What if I get bored with eating the same thing?

Question #2: Can I actually get the nutrition my body needs when eating the same thing?

This is how Nathan handles those issues:

I do however change up the flavor of my meals by getting different types of cheese, adding different seasonings, spices and even salsa, or changing up the vegetables that I use. … If you feel like you’re getting tired of the same meal then take a break for a couple of days.

What do you think?

Do you think it is a good idea to eat the same thing everyday? If so, what nutrient-dense foods would you include?


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(Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-20383/why-i-eat-the-same-thing-every-single-day.html)

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