Supplements Are Needed Even On A Raw Food Diet To Cure Cancer

Almost every cancer conqueror aka cancer survivor featured in the “Truth About Cancer” docuseries used supplements in addition to organic, raw foods to cure their cancers.

I just finished watching the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docuseries. It was very enlightening and empowering to hear that cancer is not a death sentence.

From all the cancer conquerors’ stories that were shared in these docuseries, almost every survivor changed what foods (s)he was eating to adopting an organic, raw food diet.

Their stories prove that an organic, raw food diet contributes significantly to your body being able to cure any form of cancer that shows up in the body.

At the same time, however, almost all of these cancer conquerors also used supplements to cure their cancers as well.

In this video, Dr. Leigh Erin Conneally, a featured expert in this docuseries, shares the story of her one patient who was a raw food addict who had one of the worst nutritional analysis of her blood that she had ever seen. (at 2:00 minutes)

Listen to Dr. Leigh Erin Conneally discuss with Ty Bolinger, the docuseries’ producer, what is the best food to eat and why supplements are needed.


You can watch the “Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” docuseries for a limited time for free HERE . (Search YouTube if this link doesn’t work.)

Leave a comment below: What do you think about this finding of supplements being needed in addition to raw food diets?

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