The Only 4 Ways To Stop The Body From Aging To Death

SENS Research Foundation Presents a Divide & Conquer Approach To Cure Aging.

In this video, Aubrey de Grey, a Cambridge researcher presents the science behind immortality which suggests that aging is a disease and can be cured.

de Grey defines “Aging”:

A life-long accumulation of damage to the tissues, cells and molecules of the body that occurs as an intrinsic side-effect of the body’s normal operation.

The body can tolerate some damage, but too much it causes disease and disability.

Based on his research, he claims that humans age in only 7 basic ways and each of them can be averted.

7 Basic Ways Humans Age And All Can Be Stopped

  1. Cell-loss, cell atrophy
  2. Division-obsessed cells
  3. Death-resistant cells
  4. Mitochondrial mutations
  5. Intracellular junk
  6. Extracellular junk
  7. Extracellular matrix stiffening

4 Implementations to Preventive Maintenance Approach That Stops Aging

  1. Replace
  2. Remove
  3. Repair
  4. Reinforce

The above featured image displays a chart that shows which of the 4 maintenance implementations is specifically applied to each of the 7 categorical ways we age.

Watch this video to hear de Grey present the science that supports the effectiveness of his proposed Preventive Maintenance Approach to aging.



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