How to Heal Cavities (A True “We’ve Done It” Story)

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I’m just not pleased with dentistry at all. My mind has been in conflict over the fact that science has proven that our bodies heal itself but when it comes to cavities I had not heard the same evidence…

…Until now!

I had a dental visit today to get a tooth refilled because the composite filling had cracked after 7 years.

I kinda helped it along by doing my daily flossing and unexpectantly, pulled away some of the filling away from the tooth while flossing.

And you know what…to be honest…

I want my body to heal the cavities not have my dentist “treat” them.

If my body can heal its ailments and not need constant interference, ie. “treatment” from conventional medicine, then it stands to reason at least in my mind that our bodies can heal the enamel of our teeth and cure cavities.

So I went searching to find out if our bodies can heal cavities?

Science now teaches that cavities are not caused by bacteria in the mouth from our foods but instead, according to Ramiel Nagel, Dental Health Advocate and Author of Cure Tooth Decay, states,

“Tooth cavities happen usually because there is a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble minerals in our diet.”( 1 )

I read this story of a lady who healed her teenage son’s tooth decay using this information.

Read it for yourself here.

Can this be true? Does this work? You be the judge.

First discovery of a way to heal cavities: Remineralize your teeth with fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble minerals.

Here is a another “tooth healing from cavities story” from a mother who also claims “they’ve done it” using nutrition and clay toothpaste.

Read it here.


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