Do These 8 Things To Grow New Brain Cells – Neurogenesis Is Possible

The Health Fact Claiming That Your Brain Cannot Produce New Brain Cells Is A Myth

All my life, I have been taught that your brain cells cannot regenerate.

Once you lose brain cells, you won’t get any back so don’t smoke or drink because that kills brain cells.

Come to find out that your brain can form new brain cells and this long-standing outdated health “fact” has been scientifically debunked.

Prior to about 20 years ago, it was believed that the human brain was incapable of producing new brain cells after reaching maturity. But scientists now widely accept the fact that the human brain can undergo neurogenesis, in which new neurons are born, even into adulthood, and that this process can be helped along through certain dietary and lifestyle changes.

Two specific regions of the brain, the subventricular zone and the hippocampus, both show evidence of neurogenesis post-maturity. The latter region is responsible for learning and memory, and when it’s not functioning as it should, neurodegenerative conditions like depression, anxiety and Parkinson’s can ensue. But you can help reduce your risk while simultaneously promoting adult-stage brain cell formation.

8 Indulgences That Promotes New Brain Cell Formation

1. Exercise – Indulge in regular aerobic exercise like running, swimming and biking

2. Meditation – Indulge in the practice of focusing on the present rather than the past and future using either morning or night-time meditation

3. Diet – Indulge in eating the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids which are needed for making new brain cells

4. Sleep – Indulge in however many hours is required to reach the deep sleep state depending on the age of a person ranging between 7 to 11 hours nightly

5. Sunlight – Indulge in between 10 and 15 minutes are optimal exposure during the summer months

6. S ex – Indulge in regular sex

7. Psilocybin – Indulge in “magic” mushrooms that contains a pyschoactive compound, psilocybin, that promote new cell formation

8. Cannabis Indulge in cannibis which contain two psychoactive compounds, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) that promote new cell formation



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