I Was Diagnosed With Osteoporosis At 30 – Here’s How I Reversed It

How Micronutrients Saved My Bones From Advanced Osteoporosis.

When she thought she was doing everything right, at the age of 30 she suffered from excruciating back and hip pains which she dismissed at first because …

She thought she was healthy.

Her name is Mira.

Mira did regular high-intense cardio workouts.

Mira ate 3 healthy meals a day which included low fat breakfasts, fresh salad lunches, and steamed dinners.

Mira had drive and work ethic that kept her going each day.

But the back and hip pains finally drove her to the doctor to get checked out.

The diagnosis even astounded her doctor. Mira’s doctor told her that she was suffering from advanced stage of osteoporosis. Her doctor followed that pronouncement with a confession that he had never seen this condition… this bad in anyone so young. He said she had the bones of an 80-year old woman.

Osteoporosis Reversed With The Right Diet And the Right Exercise

Mira made some simple changes that made a drastic difference to here health. So much so, that Mira reversed her advanced stage of osteoporosis.

Here are 3 key lifestyle changes Mira did:

  1. Selected foods that met 2 criteria: nutrient-dense and high-quality
  2. Selectively added a daily supplement of the specific micronutrients in which her body was deeply deficient.
  3. Traded high-intense cardio workouts for low-impact weightlifting which helped to stimulate bone growth and to avoid the unwanted mineral loss through her sweat.
  4. Stopped taking medications like birth control pills that has been linked to inhibiting the micronutrient, Folic acid(B9). which aids in the prevention of osteoporosis.

You see, like with Mira for example, the quality of the food you eat builds the bones, cells and tissues of the your body. Mira identified that the foods she was eating did not contain the required micronutrients her body needed.

Micronutrients are the trace amounts of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in low doses to keep it functioning optimally. Many of the foods we eat are deficient of mirconutrients even though those foods are believed to be a “health” food.

Mira learned that anti-nutrient foods like soda, wheat and sugar acted as “micronutrient depleters,” such as the phosphoric acid contained in soda, that could lead to the loss of calcium in your body as well as other nutrients.

Mira learned that eggs from a pasture-fed chicken is a high-quality egg compared to its counterpart because it contained more micronutrients like omega-3’s and vitamin E than commercially grown eggs do.

So you can see that Mira had to attack her advanced stage of osteoporosis on many fronts as she became informed about the causes of her condition.

Mira documented her journey in her new book, The Micronutrient Miracle , She’s now free of osteoporosis well over 10 years now.

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(Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-21444/i-was-diagnosed-with-osteoporosis-at-30-heres-how-i-reversed-it.htm l)

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