Pentagon scientists distributing live anthrax across the United States far more effectively than any terrorist group

Live Anthrax Shipped By Pentagon 192 Times In Past Decade!

This has been going on for over a decade now.

The US Pentagon has been shipping live Anthrax spore samples to labs across the globe…

…accidentally…and admittedly?

Yes! They claim!

This disturbs me!

If this had been certain countries other than the US like Israel or South Korea, that other country would have been charge with terrorist attacks.

Is the US above being suspect of such criminal intent? Morever … criminal intent against its own people.

Do we even know if the anthrax scare that the US people have been subjected too over the recent years been connected to any of these 192 “oops” shipments?

Now the Pentagon has admitted that at least 192 labs in the past ten years have received shipments of live anthrax from the Army. That’s almost four times as many labs as it admitted to back in June. “Major protocol problems,” doesn’t begin to cover it.

“The agency said on Monday that the list now includes labs in all 50 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Washington, DC. The labs received live anthrax because of ineffective sterilization methods for killing the deadly bacteria. Seven foreign countries also received the shipments, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and the UK, according to the Department of Defense’s Laboratory Review site,” RT reported.

Wow. How many times can something happen and still be deemed an “accident” anyway?

Pentagon investigations so far have not been able to determine the cause of these “mistaken shipments”.

Maybe they should stop putting live anthrax in a box and slapping postage on it? Just a thought…

The Pentagon admits to the blunder but it keeps happening.

The Pentagon says it doesn’t know how these live samples are continually being released without first being sterilized. If exposed to the deadly pathogen, humans can develop severe pneumonia, blood infection, or death, according to health authorities.

“The development and implementation of ineffective irradiation and viability testing procedures took place over the last decade,” explains the report, admitting that the U.S. military has failed to protect Americans against anthrax. “[T]his represents an institutional problem at [Dugway] and does not necessarily reflect on any one individual.”

Records at Dugway, the Pentagon found, show a 20 percent failure rate for inactivating anthrax specimens, which helps explain where the problem lies. This facility is a major production site and testing area for military chemical and biological defense programs, including the testing of anthrax, but top-level officials have clearly dropped the ball.

“We believe there were indicators that people should have known there was a problem,” stated Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, who instructed Secretary of the Army John McHugh to conduct a full accountability assessment of the Dugway facility, as quoted by USA Today.

Officials are urging the development of standardized biosafety procedures to avoid further “accidental” shipments of non-irradiated, live anthrax samples. Other labs besides Dugway have had fewer problems with live anthrax, suggesting that this particular facility needs a regulatory overhaul.

“We are shocked by these failures,” added Work. “I want to stress to you that DoD (Department of Defense) takes full responsibility for these failures.”

Okay. Even if I consider that the US Pentagon has no criminal intent behind these blunders, what if one of these “blunder” shipments wind up in the wrong hands?

…In the hands of those who do have criminal intent against the American people.

I can just keep posing question upon question and this matter disturbs that much more.

What about you? How do you interpret what’s going on here? Comment Below.


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