You Have Been Cooking Rice Wrong Your Whole Life, Do This When the Water Boils

Was Grandma Cooking Rice Wrong All Her Life?

Most people know by now that white rice is full of “no” nutrition really. Scientist are now saying that cooking rice the right way makes it a nutritious dish.

I remember growing up back in the day and visiting Grandma. She cooked white rice for breakfast EVERY morning.

She would add salt and butter to the boiling water, then added her rice. We would then eat it right from the stove to our plates for breakfast.

I ran across a this article that suggested that Grandma was cooking the rice wrong all her life.

This is what the article said,

…Scientists have proved that one simple trick, can halve the calorific value and even add other nutrients to the rice.

“We cooked rice as usual, only in the boiling water, before we put the rice, we add the coconut oil, about 3 percent of the weight of the rice. After it was over, we leave it in the fridge for about 12 hours, “explained Dr. Sudhair James.

What is actually happening in this boiling process is this:

When rice is boiled, the starch in it becomes more easily digestible by the body. The body can then convert the starch into glycogen and sugar and can then store it later on as fat.

If you prepare rice any other way, like frying for instance, the rice will not be changed and will be difficult to digest.

“The addition of lipids (in this case coconut oil or other fat that serve a purpose) drastically reduces the proportion of easily digestible starch” explains Dr. Pusparajah Thavarajah, adding that oil reacts with starch and changes its structure. “Cooling helps reinforce the starch in its ‘heavier’ form, and rice remains less calorific and after being re-heated,” adds Prof. Thavarajah.

Well now.

So scientists have now discovered that white rice full of empty calories and little to no nutrients can be spruced up.

This is what I understand these scientists are saying is the right way to cook rice:

You have to boil the rice only in water first, add coconut oil, refrigerate it for 12 hours, then reheat it?

Cooking the rice this way makes the nutrient deficient, high calorie rice a healthy, low calorie nutritious food.

Hmm…? Do I have that right?…

Let me know. Comment below.


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