How to Heal Cavities (A True “We’ve Done It” Story)

Second discovery of a way to heal cavities: Oil pulling

Trina Holden tells her story of how she encouraged her husband to use oil pulling on some of his newly discovered cavities.

Lo and behold, his cavities were healed.

This is her story.

I have just recently learned what oil pulling really is and how it can be a healthy way to clean your teeth, and so I wrote a post about what I discovered. Read it here .

…And now claims of healing your teeth of cavities not just preventing them surfaces in my research when it comes to oil pulling.

I’m willing to give this a try.

We don’t get a third set of teeth. If there is a chance of saving our teeth from decay so they can last as long as our bodies do, then I’m sure more people would be willing too, if they have access to this kind of information.

So be sure to share this news.

What do you know on this subject of healing cavities?

Do you know of any evidence that cavities can be healed?

Please share your findings and experience if you or someone you know have healed their cavities and how?



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