Top 20 Rejuvenating Ways To Age In Reverse

Do you want to make it to 90 years old and feel like a 50 year old?

What do I mean by “age in reverse?”

I mean that you will age in years but simply will look and feel significantly younger than you really are.

Now, I have an invitation for you. I want to include your informed opinion on what are the best ways to age in reverse.

This list is not in any ranking order of importance…just inclusive of the 20 overall things that I think should be included when seeking “age reversal.”

To add your opinion to this list and tell us what you think should or should not be included on this Top 20 list, leave a COMMENT on Facebook stating what you think should or should not be included on this list.

(Example: I think you should remove #1, #7, #9 and add sleeping and drinking alkaline water. NOTE: List what you would remove by number only to make it easy and name what you would add separated by commas and feel free to give explanations and links to further explain your choices.)

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Based on my humble informed opinion, here is my Top 20 list. Employing as many of these Top 20 rejuvenating habits as you can will cause you to age in reverse.

Top 20 Rejuvenating Ways to Age In Reverse

  1. Juicing
  2. Transcendental Meditation
  3. Skin Brushing
  4. Laughing
  5. Yoga
  6. Fasting
  7. Playing an Instrument or Singing
  8. Solving Mental Puzzles
  9. Hanging or Standing Upside Down a Few Minutes Every Day
  10. Reconnecting with Lost Close Relationships Like Childhood Best Friends
  11. Plant-based Diet
  12. Getting Your Blood Pumping with High Intensity Movement
  13. Being Transparent and Share Your Feelings
  14. Appreciating Every Moment of Life as a Gift
  15. Living Every Moment of Life with Purpose
  16. Resetting Your Life When It Gets Off Course
  17. Loving Yourself to Death
  18. Being Easy to Work With
  19. Expanding Your Energy Field
  20. Establish a Morning and Evening Ritual to Keep 1st Things First

What do you think about these behaviors? Can you see yourself becoming rejuvenated when you do these things?

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To hear from an expert in the field of aging, read what the world-renown Dan Buettner includes on his list and why?


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