What Happens To Your body When You Fast

Our Bodies Are Trying to Heal Every Single Moment But Is Too Busy Working On Other Things.

Fasting is the one thing that gives our bodies an opportunity to give its undivided attention to what it does naturally…


Fasting is one of the most misunderstood topics in the health and wellness arena.

There are opposing views floating around as to if fasting is actually beneficial or detrimental to the body.

One of the cons to fasting is the loss of muscle mass when on prolonged fasts (7 or more days.)

One of the pros to fasting is the “magical” replenishment of needed nutrients to the body correcting any nutrient deficiency .

I say “magical” because if you are fasting, you have to wonder where do these nutrients come from.

This first video provides a short technical overview of what happens to our organs during a fast. The second video answers the “magical” question.

Watch this technical explanation of what happens to our bodies while on a fast now.



Now in this second video, a fasting practitioner and health coach, Loren Lockman, from Tanglewood Wellness Center, presents an experiential explanation of what happens to your body while on a fast. His center provides the atmosphere for anyone who wants to do a supervised prolonged “water only” fasting program to improve your health.

Listen to Loren Lockman explain it here:



DISCLAIMER: Consult your physician before engaging in any prolonged fasting regimens.

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