Unlabeled GMO Potatoes Are Sold At A Store Near You

How To Know If You Are Buying GMO Potatoes Or Not?

When you go to your local grocery store to shop for potatoes, they may be the genetically modified variety.

GMO potatoes can be the Russet, red or Atlantic brands.

Other places you are guaranteed to find GMO potatoes are in boxed dried potatoes, potato chips, frozen dinners with potatoes, and in restaurants who serve french fries, baked potatoes or potato entries.

Because farmers and companies are not required by law in the US to label their GMO products, they don’t. You are more likely to find a label that says “non-GMO” than the label, “GMO.”

Who Benefits from GMO Potatoes?

The GMO potato was engineered to slow down the browning and bruising of the potato. This accomplishment saves the farmers and stores lost revenue. When they have to throw millions of potatoes away because they have browned or bruised in transport or while on the store shelves, these potatoes are no longer marketable.

The problem with this great benefit to farmers and stores is that this genetic modification of the potato has removed its natural built-in mechanism that announces to those who would want to eat it that its nutritive value is being depleted as it is being handled and as it is aging.

Wouldn’t you want to know that piece of information before buying anything you are eating?

Tips To Avoid GMO Potatoes If You Want

To raise your awareness as you are shopping for potatoes,

  1. Look for a label that advertises “less browning or bruising” on the packaging.
  2. Shop with a local farmer that you know grows his potatoes organically
  3. Look for the organic label on the potato and in the ingredients of packaged potatoes.
  4. Eat at restaurants that can verify that their potatoes are not GMO’s

The fight to force companies to label all GMO products is fueling, but no victories on this matter in the US. Many other countries do require labeling because there is so much that we don’t yet know regarding the long-term effects that GMO’s will have on our health.

Since we don’t know, it would be wise for us to make a conscious choice to eat or not to eat a GMO.

(Photo Sourced and Adapted From: Fhfn.com )

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