(VIDEO) A Raw Vegan Who’s Pro-GMO

A Raw Vegan Who’s Pro-GMO

9 GMO Myths Dispelled

The Unnatural Vegaon is now pro-GMO.

In this video, the Unnatural Vegan presents some research on a highly debated topic, genetic modification. This research has changed her mind from being against genetic modification to now openly supporting it.

She gives 3 reason why she now supports GMO’s:

  1. GMO’s have the potential to save lives.
  2. Genetic Modification has the potential to create crops that are more environmentally friendly.
  3. GMO’s can save animals from being tested on and consumed for food.

The Unnatural Vegan also presents research that dispels 9 myths about GMO’s.

Watch this video to hear the evidence and research the Unnatural Vegan uses to support her changed mind to support genetic modification.

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