How To Use Avocado To Replace Any Dairy Ingredient

Here Is How To Easily Replace Dairy In All Your Favorite Creamy Dishes.

Who doesn’t love those common delicious dairy foods?

…Like cheese, ice cream, creamy soups, smoothies, sour cream, butter, etc.

However, eating dairy foods come with a price.

In the dairy industry, there is so much debate and controversy around how conventional farms are producing the meat and the milk.

More than likely if the farmer is not an organic farmer he is using growth hormone and/or antibiotics to give the production out his cows that (s)he needs to be profitable.

Research shows the damaging health effects these chemicals can have on the cow and those who eat the cow and it’s food products.

But the good news is that there is an equally as delicious alternative to dairy and it’s healthy for you as well. It’s the avocado.

You can substitute avocado for all dairy ingredients in all your recipes.

Avocado is one of those staple food items that every vegetarian or vegan household uses. It provides a substitute for that delicious dairy and eases your conscience knowing that you are not promoting any cow being harmed.

How do you go about replacing dairy in your favorite dishes and having them turn out just as delicious if you had used dairy?

Here’s how…

Use Avocado in Place of Butter in Baked Goods

The rich, creamy flavor of avocado makes a great butter substitute in baked goods, especially in rich, dark baked goods such as brownies or other chocolate flavored treats. Try using avocado in chocolate flavored baked goods instead of butter and see how wonderful the taste is.

Use Avocado in Place of Yogurt in Smoothies

Avocado makes a great replacement for yogurt in your morning smoothie. The somewhat sweet taste of avocado, along with the creamy texture, satisfies the palate just as yogurt would, without the down side of dairy consumption.

Use Avocado in Place of Sour Cream

In many foods, especially in Mexican foods such as tacos, mashed avocado makes a great substitute for sour cream. A homemade guacamole, easy to make with mashed avocados, some salt, pepper, cumin and fresh garlic, is creamy, rich and full of flavor, making a great addition to any Mexican meal.

Use Avocado in place of Salad Dressing

A creamy ranch dressing is great on a salad, but ranch dressings often contain dairy products. Try replacing your ranch or other salad dressing with mashed avocado and spice up your salads with something a little different, and a little healthier!

Use Avocado in Place of Traditional Dips

Avocado, combined with a few spices or fresh vegetables such as finely chopped tomato or red onion, also serves as a fantastic chip or veggie dip. Scrap the dairy-laden chip and vegetable dips, trading them in for a healthy and delicious avocado-based alternative. The result will be a healthier and more palate-pleasing dip.

These easy substituting tips to use avocado in your favorite recipes that call for dairy will get you started. You will start reaping the benefits of good tasting, healthy dishes that are hormone free, antibiotic free and animal friendly.


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