5 Common Household Plastics You Should Stop Using

Plastics Make Our Life Convenient In The Short-term And Short In The Long-term

We know that the landfills are filling up with plastics.

We know that plastics are a serious health hazard to both humans and animals.

We know that it’s pretty convenient to pop a plastic container in the microwave and zap – Food’s Ready! and that is it addictive appeal.

…But maybe some of this you may not know.

Why should you even care?

Here’s why…

Eco-entrepreneurs, Tom Szaky and Albe Zakes, authors of the book Make Garbage Great, enlightens us to the fact:

Human beings manufacture nearly 200 billion pounds of plastic every year. To really grasp that figure, consider these facts: there are also about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way and approximately the same number of galaxies in the entire universe.

We are endangering the long-term well-being of the planet because of a desire for short-term wealth and material objects. As a consumer, the power to purchase is directly in your hands. Here are five plastic products everyone should be avoiding.

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To start a conscious effort to rid your home environment and planet of toxic plastic buildup, you can start by avoiding these common ones.

5 Common Household Plastics To Stop Using

1. Mycrobead Soap – found in body scrubs, face washes and soaps.

2. Styrofoam Containers

3. Products Containing PVC – found in plastic school supplies, shower curtains, and plumbing.

4. Disposable Dishware (Plasticware)

5. Bottled Watter

These are the more common household items that admittedly does make life a little easier but you can definitely do without them.

The health of our bodies, our future generations and our one and only planet Earth are not worth it.

What you think?

(Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-21030/the-5-plastics-that-nobody-should-be-using.html )


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