Not All Lemon Water Is Created Equal – Suck Every Bit Of Benefit Out Of That Lemon – All 42 Of Them – Using This Recipe

42 “Lemon-Sucking” Body Benefits

  1. Your body will get hydrated by the electrolytes – potassium, magnesium and calcium – contained in lemons.
  2. Your skin will clear up of any acne and future breakouts will be prevented by it alkalizing the ph of your body.
  3. Your nails will become harder and any white spots in them will clear up.
  4. When you apply lemon water directly to the skin, it can alleviate spots, wrinkles and scarring damage to the skin due to it’s Vitamin C content.
  5. When you apply lemon water directly to the skin, it can clear up your skin due to it’s antiseptic properties.
  6. When you apply lemon water directly to the gums, it can stop the bleeding caused by gingivitis or toothache. However, be careful here not to overuse this acid for it will erode tooth enamel over extended use.
  7. When you gargle with lemon water, you can cure or prevent sore throats, throat infections, tonsillitis and respiratory infections due to the anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. Your muscles will not feel sore after workouts.
  9. Your joints will be more lubricated, any swelling or pain will subside.
  10. Your bowel movements will be regular and easy to pass relieving any constipation.
  11. Your bowels will eliminate waste more efficiently preventing diarrhea or any other gastrointestinal dysfunction.
  12. Your colon will eliminate parasites.
  13. Your colon will experience a balancing of acid to alkaline ratios and thereby relieve any colitis.
  14. Your stomach will be protected from nausea.
  15. Your stomach will better metabolize your food and improve your digestion by stimulating the secretion of stomach juices and digestive enzymes.
  16. Your sweat glands will sweat more to reduce any fever and relieve itself of any cold or flu viruses.
  17. Your liver will excrete more urine to detox your body and cleanse itself.
  18. Your liver will produce more bile to better digest fatty acids.
  19. Your nervous system will get a boost of potassium which will help to properly stabilize and maintain healthy heart signals.
  20. You will feel relaxed with no stress.
  21. You will feel no depression or anxiety.
  22. You will feel an increase in your stamina and energy.
  23. Your blood pressure will stabilize at normal, alleviating any high or low blood pressure.
  24. Your immune system will be strengthened to fight off free radicals.
  25. Your body will ward off any food-borne illnesses.
  26. Your blood vessels, arteries and blood will get flushed out and cleaned.
  27. Your body’s ph will become more alkaline and thereby capable of fighting off more diseases.
  28. Your skin will become more glowing, supple and hydrated.
  29. Your body will readily release uric acid which builds up in the joints which may cause gout.
  30. Your body will relieve other joint pains like rheumatism and rickets.
  31. For pregnant women, you will better cope with viruses like colds because the Vitamin C acts as an adaptogen to increase your defenses.
  32. For pregnant women, the bone tissue of your unborn baby will form better.
  33. For pregnant women, the brain and nervous system of your unborn baby will develop better.
  34. You can relieve heartburn using a teaspoon of this mixture but too much of it can cause heartburn with overuse.
  35. Your body will dissolve any gallstones, kidney stones, calcium deposits, or pancreatic stones.
  36. You can lose weight due to the pectin fiber in the lemon that suppress hunger cravings.
  37. You will be freed of any cravings for alcohol.
  38. You can treat a hangover if you get one.
  39. Your body’s blood sugar will be balanced relieving diabetic symptoms.
  40. Your body will produce less mucus that is a sign of agitation present in the body.
  41. Your body will become a more alkaline environment which will prevent the development and growth of cancers.
  42. Your body will overcome symptoms of diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

If you have never tried lemon water, you should be thinking that you will start about now.

We’ve known for some time that lemon water has had a great healing affect on our bodies but when you start to list them, you can’t believe it.

So here’s where you put lemon water to test.

Carve out 90 days, 6 months or even a year of your life to whip up for yourself a daily cup of warm, honey lemon water to sip up every morning and/or every night. Let us know how your body is effected.

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