Why Replace Harmful Chemicals With Probiotics In Our Deodorant

Our Skin Is Our #1 Elimination Organ

Our armpit informs us of what we are eliminating by the smell.

That’s why we need a deodorant, but we don’t need to let the whole world don’t have to know…Right?

When looking for a deodorant that really works, on the labels you will read many ingredients that are in them that you have no idea how they help to “deodorize” your armpits.

Have you discovered a deodorant that actually works?

A deodorant is suppose to neutralize your body odor so not to offend the next person.

Now if you are using an antiperspirant, it has another job. It is suppose to stop you from perspiring. That does not sound like a good idea to me since your body is the #1 elimination organ as I have stated before.

So masking your body odor is what we are shooting for when using deodorant.

What you may not know is that some ingredients in the deodorants that we use are harmful to us. The harmful ingredients that you may read on the label include:

  • parabens (artificial preservatives)
  • aluminum (blocks sweat glands and linked to breast cancer)
  • tricolsan (an antibacterial)
  • propylene glycol – (neurotoxin)
  • phthalates – (disrupts the bodies hormones)
  • TEA & DEA (triethanolamine and diethanolamine) – (carcinogenic)
  • artificial colors (an allergen and carcinogenic)
  • talc (carcinogenic)

You might want to consider switching to “green” deodorant. That way you can avoid putting these harmful chemicals on and in your body.

My best recommendation is to make your own then you will know for sure what’s in it.

Andrea at FrugallySustainable.com created her own solution to going “green” with her deodorant. She made her own homemade deodorant that she claims to really work.

When I read the name, at first, I thought to myself – why make “probiotic” deodorant?


Come to find out probiotics help to maintain the good bacteria ratio on your skin as good as they do in your gut.

We know how important that is to our health when it comes to our gut but we underestimate how important that is for our #1 Elimination Organ.

So here is her homemade probiotic deodorant recipe for you to try.


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