(VIDEO) Skin Transformation Through Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Skin Transformation Through Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Here is one woman’s intimate unveiling of her skin transformation while on an 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle diet.

She shares that the root cause to her skin issues was her extreme food sensitivities. She also honestly confesses she practiced a skin care routine that proved detrimental over the years.

Her transition to a raw vegan diet enabled her to identify the exact foods that wrecked havoc on her skin.

She admits that the primary credit for her skin transformation is not just the raw vegan diet by itself but goes to the whole healthy habits and lifestyle changes she made.

You can tell from the start of this video that this is an intimate experience she has mustered up the strength to share with the world. So hopefully you will receive the inspiration she intends to transmit in doing this video.

Watch her before and after skin transformation story with pictures in this video.

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