How To Get Started On A Raw Food Diet

Cynthia Guides You Through How To Transition To Raw Diet.

In this video, Cynthia Dixon at AMatterofFat presents a simple daily meal plan to start transitioning from meat and cooked foods to a raw food diet.

Cynthia recommends this daily meal plan:

  • Upon waking, on Empty Stomach: 16 ounce of water with half lemon
  • Breakfast: Fresh Green Smoothie or fresh fruit
  • Mid-Moring Snack: Fresh Fruit, Carrots, and Celery, Raw nuts or dried fruit
  • Lunch: Raw Salad with Raw Salad Dressing or Lemon Juice and Handful of Nuts
  • Dinner: Baked Fish, Lightly steam vegetables and a salad

Here are some Recommendations, Tips & Warnings that Cynthia provides in this video:

  • Eliminate fat laden meals from your diet
  • Wean yourself from dairy products, pasta, processed grains, bread and red meat
  • Avoid all junk foods
  • Eliminate processed sugars from your diet
  • Eliminate processed condiments from our diet
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take one day at a time
  • Listen to your body and pay attention to what you eat, how it effects you and how you feel
  • Feel good about the changes you are making
  • Beating yourself up is not allowed
  • Pick one day of the month to weigh yourself only that one time

Check out this video for Cynthia’s detailed recommendations and reasons why?

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