(VIDEO) Dr. Rick Dina – Raw Vegan for 25 years

Dr. Rick Dina – Raw Vegan for 25 years

At 45 Years Old Now And Feels Better Than When He Was 18

FoodnSport interviews Dr. Rick Dina who has been a raw vegan for 25 years and advises people to make gradual changes to eat better.

As you notice gradual improvements in your health, you will get inspired to keep on that path as well as you will not feel deprived of cutting out “favorite” foods from your diet.

FoodnSport promotes that the benefits of 80/10/10 raw diet are:

  • peak performance for any athlete
  • perfect weight no matter what your body type
  • off-the-charts wellness
  • success with a low-fat vegan raw food diet
  • simplicity in your lifestyle
  • a healthy relationship with your food
  • and enviable vitality

Check out this interview with Dr. Dina and learn why he promotes the 80/10/10 raw vegan diet.

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