The Temperature in Pizza Oven: How to Measure It?

The pizza in the wood ovens is highly delicious, the dough becomes crusty, and the cheese melts perfectly. For baking a perfect pizza, you should have the right temperature. If the oven has a low heat level, you won’t get such a yummy dish. Also, defining temperature allows you to cook various other meals in the appropriate conditions. The best way to measure the heat level in commercial pizza ovens is an infrared thermometer. There are also some other methods.

Easy Way to Determine the Oven Temperature

Thermometers have become more popular nowadays because they are very simple in usage. Sometimes they are also called infrared guns. When you want to determine the temperature in the oven, you place the device like a gun in front of the oven and press a button. In a few seconds, the thermometer will show you the accurate result. What is more, you can choose whether you get the measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

The temperature in diverse places in the oven can be different. That’s why you should measure it several times to get a better result. It will take you up to a minute with the infrared thermometer. By the way, you may apply it for various purposes at home, in your garage, or when renovating the house. But it’s not for defining the body temperature.

This way to determine the heat level in the pizza oven is ideal because it shows the most accurate results. You can bake various dishes in the oven – and they all require different temperatures. The infrared thermometer can help you to know when you may put your food inside and get delicious meals.

Other Methods

Some methods allow defining the temperature without any device. They will be suitable when you make pizza far away from home, and there are no other ways to know the heat level. You may use your hand to measure the temperature. Just put it into the oven, but not too close to the fire. Then you should count how many seconds you can hold the hand inside.

If it takes only 1-2 seconds, then the oven is ready for cooking the pizza. The lower temperatures which equate to 4-5 seconds of holding a hand inside are good for preparing meat or fish. If you can hold your hand for more than 5 seconds, there are excellent conditions for making bread or vegetables.

There is also a smoke method – you should put some flour inside the oven. Then you wait how long it takes to burn. The oven has perfect temperature if the flour turns brown after a few seconds.

These methods are old and well-tried, but they are not highly accurate. You won’t know the exact temperature like the infrared thermometer can show. But you may try all the ways and see which is the best for you.

Temperatures for Different Meals

The pizza oven is designed to prepare as many dishes as you can imagine. But they all need the right temperature as well. Pizza can be cooked at 700-750 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case, the dough will get crusty sides but remain soft and delicate inside. Usually, it takes up to five minutes to prepare pizza at this temperature.

For grilling the meat or seafood, you should heat the oven to 540–600 degrees. At the highest temperature, it may burn outside and stay raw inside. The best temperature for roasting chicken, turkey, potatoes or fish is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also bake the bread at this temperature. By the way, the pizza oven also allows making desserts like cakes or buns. The temperature should be about 300-350 degrees. Besides, you can try slow cooking for stews or pulled pork at 200-250 temperatures.

Enjoy the Perfect Dishes in Pizza Oven

The pizza oven is a convenient device where you can prepare diverse food like pizzas, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, and so on. The infrared thermometer will help you to define the right temperature for cooking. You may also try counting or smoke methods. And you will be able to enjoy the perfectly cooked meals at home or outside. If you don’t have a pizza oven, maybe it’s a great time to get one and try a new way of cooking.