Question: Raw Vegan Matters Fans and Fellow Plant Foodist – Does Meat Offend You?

What Is Your Tolerance Level When It Comes To The “Meat” Conversation?

I posted this post – Vegetarian’s Respond to Arby’s Letter – to this blog a while back. Arby’s letter called for all vegetarian’s who need support to resist Arby’s “delicious, sizzling, tempting” Brown Sugar Bacon sandwiches to give their support hotline a call.

Most of you voted in our poll that asked if this offended you or not saying that Arby’s letter was offensive or confused you as to why they would even market such a message.

I posted a post – Why I Eat the Same Thing Every Single Day – to this blog recently. I used this image and some of you were offended just at the site of “salmon” being pictured on our site and the message of the post not specifically promote veganism.




As currently the admin of, I have a question for you.

Does meat offend you?

At RawVeganMatters, we post “messages (that we think) matter” to raw, vegan, vegetarian and fruitarians.

This may call for images of meat and messages that talks about meat because from our perspective, if you don’t eat meat, you probably have loved ones who do and they do matter to you.

Remember … “all” things that matter.

So meat does get talked about on our site.

If your loved ones are not converted to your plant-based diet, then we hope our posts about meat can give you some insights that you can pass on to them when it comes to their health decisions as they relate to meat especially if they are transition.

The bridge you may be able to offer them may be that support to give them the will power to complete that transition.

Another thought is that some vegetarians have finished their transition and decided on being a pesco-vegetarian – eat fish occasionally. Do you accept them into your plant-based food family?

What level of tolerance for meat do you have? We want to know. At what level does meat offend you?

Examine these five “meat” posts by

Then take our poll and let us know what your level of tolerance for seeing these posts and images on our website and Facebook fan page are. We want to know if our talking about or mentioning the “m” word or meat specific words like “salmon” offends you.

Taking our poll below will give us constructive feedback on what you are thinking.



  1. This post shows an image of a cow and it mentions organic, grass fed, pasture raised meat. The message is “ does the quality of the meat matter nutritionally speaking,…humanely speaking.



2. This post shows an image of salmon and it mentions two meals where one includes salmon and the other includes bacon. The message is “ eating the same thing every single day makes life simpler .


superfoodsdanger600x315 3. This post does not show an image of meat at all, however, it mentions “tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout as being superfoods.” The message is “ eating too much of even superfoods – these 8 in particular – could cause damage to your body.


dogtreats600x3154. This post does not show an image of meat per se but a cookie cutter image of a meat bone and it mentions bone broth in the recipe. The message is “ this recipe is a healthy homemade dog treat for your dog.


arbysPollborderd 5. This post does not show an image of meat per se but it is an image of a well-known “meat” franchise and the post mentions “sweet meat.” The message is “ here’s an opportunity to respond to Arby’s letter to vegetarians.



Take Our Poll: Which “Meat” Post or Message Offends?

(Check all boxes that apply.)



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