Does Organic, Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Animal Farming Make Eating Meat Any Better?

What Reason Did You Have For Eliminating Meat From Your Diet?

People decide to eliminate select meats or meat altogether from their diet for various reasons.

They include:

  • Loosing weight like Ashley Renee Chong
  • Curing your diseased body like Dr. Sebi
  • Reaching higher athletic performance like Michael Arnstein
  • To save the animals like many Animal Rights Activists
  • To save the planet like those part of the Green movement
  • For religious reasons like Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims

This post addresses the nutritional side and the humane side to why you may have decided to eliminate meat from your diet.

Let me introduce you to Good Earth Farms .

Our Mission

To produce the highest quality organic grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, and pasture raised poultry and make it available for a reasonable price for all those who seek it.

Here is a farm who approaches farming in a “holistic” way according to their story which you can read on their page.

This approach poses a question in mind…

Does eating organic, grass fed, pasture raised animals make eating meat any better?…nutritionally speaking or humanely speaking?

What are your thoughts?

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