How to write a resume to find your dream job?

Do you want to write a good resume, but don't know how to do it or resume checker? Do you want to know what information should be included and in what order? Should biographical information fit on one page? I suggest how to write a resume so it's legible and gives you the chance to find your dream job. Check out these tips before you start writing your resume!

The role of resumes in the job search is enormous. A good resume should contain all the information that might interest a potential employer - work experience, education, acquired qualifications and skills. Do you know how to write a resume so that it is legible, understandable and leads to an invitation to an interview?

In the article below, you will learn how to write a resume that will be your first step to getting your dream job. Let's get started!

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Personal information, i.e., where do I start writing my resume?
The first part of every Curriculum Vitae is personal information. Their purpose is to connect with you. So first give basic information about yourself:

  • first name,
  • surname,
  • Residence (the city is enough),
  • Phone number,
  • E-mail address.

You can also enter your date of birth (one year is enough), but it is not necessary. What else does not need to be included in your resume? Marital status, confidential information and other data. Protect your confidential information and do not include it on your resume!

If the job offer includes a specific job title and reference number, put them under your information. This way the recruiter will know right away which position you are applying for. It will also inform the potential employer that you care about the job and that you wrote your resume specifically for the job. Of course, it won't ruin your chances of working for another position. If your application proves interesting, you may get another job offer, even if the position you applied for has already been filled.

What kind of photos for a resume?

The question of including a photo on a resume can be a hassle for a candidate. What's the best solution? If you want to post a photo, be my guest, but make sure it's professional (as a proof, business photo). Other types of photos (family vacations, beach or vacation) are not much appreciated by the recruiter. Then it's best to avoid adding photos altogether.

Professional resume

Under the basic information you should place a professional resume, that is, the most important information about you. Here you can write in a few sentences about your experience (what is your position, experience) and the key competencies that distinguish you. It's also worth writing what kind of position/industry you are interested in.