(VIDEO) 4o Year Vegan Dies Of Heart Attack And That’s Part Of The Story

4o Year Vegan Dies Of Heart Attack And That’s Part Of The Story

Research Shows Vegans and Vegetarians Die At Same Rate As Meat Eaters

In this video, Dr. Michael Greger presents research findings that shows that stroke, heart disease and cancer death rates are no different in vegetarian diets compared to meat eater diets. These are the top 3 fatal diseases in America across the board.

There are three findings that Dr. Greger covers in detail as he presents his research data:

  1. Vegetarians live just as long as meat eaters.
  2. Vegetarians have twice the risk of dying from neurological diseases.
  3. Vegetarians have twice the hip fracture rate as meat eaters.

In light of this evidence, Dr. Greger gives recommendations of what to do to prevent these diseases from plaguing vegans and vegetarians.

Watch the full video and learn the good and bad of the full story as to why a 40 year long vegan since birth died and how you can take measures to avoid the same fate.

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