10 Early Detection Signals That Breast Cancer May Be Lurking

One day, I noticed a small lump inside my left breast. I told my doctor and we did a mammogram exam and nothing was found. They said it was fibrous breast tissue.

The lump miraculously vanished some time during that year without me having to do anything to treat it.

One day, I noticed a sharp pain around my left nipple that lingered for about 9 months. I told my doctor and we did an ultrasound and nothing was found. I got the pain to go away after wearing a bra all day and all night for several months.

(I didn’t understand that result since my breast are smaller than an “A” cup size.)

One day, I noticed a lump underneath my right arm pit. I told my doctor and we did an ultrasound and nothing was found. I was advised to followup in 3 months to double check. I did and nothing was found. They said it was a calcium deposit.

Now the lump is resting there, not noticeably growing but it hurts a little from time to time. They said to check it out again in a year.

LISTEN…this is important.

Perform a breast self-exam on yourself once each month and it may save your life.

If you are 45 or older, then you should get a yearly mammogram as well.

Breast cancer is the number one cancer that kills women each year.

Even if you have a healthy diet, routinely exercise and practice meditation, hereditary also plays a part in you being susceptible to getting breast cancer.

Early detection of breast malignancy saves lives by increasing your chance of survival.
You will decrease the chances of your doctor prescribing the harsh conventional treatment of radiation or chemotherapy if you identify the signs of breast cancer early.

Here is a list of 10 early detection signals that you need to pay attention to if they appear. Tell your doctor about them so he or she can give you a definitive prognosis whether you have breast cancer or not.

10 Early Detection Signals of Breast Cancer That Saves Lives

  1. Feel for lumps or nodes or thickening felt on or inside of the breast.
  2. Feel for lumps or nodes or thickening felt under the armpits.
  3. Look for any change in the size or shape of the breast.
  4. Tell your doctor about any nipple discharge or tenderness.
  5. Notice if an inverted nipple develops.
  6. Be aware of any sore or ulcer on the breast that does not heal.
  7. Be aware of the appearance of a itchy, scaly sore or rash on the breast or nipple.
  8. Be aware of any dimpling of the skin or other parts of the breast.
  9. Notice any swelling, warmth, redness or darkening of the breast.
  10. Pay attention to new pain in the breast that won’t go away.

Many cancer survivors are survivors because they found the malignancy early.

(Photo and Article Source: http://livingtraditionally.com/6-warning-signs-breast-cancer-shouldnt-ignore/ )

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