You’re Doing It Wrong: Frozen Blueberries – Yes…And This Is Not Right Either!

Never Skip This Step Before Freezing Your Blueberries And Any Berries For That Matter!

This “You’re Doing It Wrong” video is virally spreading across the internet but it’s wrong too.

It shows you how to freeze blueberries the smart way, but it skips a very important step after the initial washing of these blueberries.

Watch how its demonstrated here:



The very important step missing after the initial washing of the blueberries is…


You need to soak your blueberries and any berries for that matter before eating them as well as before freezing them.


In 2015, out of the 50 fruit and veggies on the pesticide contamination list as tested by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Pesticide Data Program, blueberries has ranked #14 by the Environmental Working Group. This group has taken on the responsibility of informing consumers each year as to what’s on our food.

Because of this, it is important to never skip this important step…

…SOAK YOUR BERRIES to remove pesticide residues.

Actually when preparing your berries you should do an initial rinsing…soak them…then rinse again as you proceed to follow through with the freezing preparation as demonstrated in the above video.

Some producers will say don’t rinse your blueberries at all before freezing because it makes the skin tough.

If that’s the case, then I ask you if you would rather want to eat tough skin or pesticides.

Now let me show you have to properly soak your blueberries and any other berries to get as many residues as a possible out of them.

Watch this.



Soaking can get out many pesticide residues but systemic pesticides cannot be soaked out. Read more about them HERE .

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