This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Too Much And Get Da Itis

When You Are Filling Full, Your Body Sends You The Message To STOP eating.

Have you every eaten too much and felt just awfully miserable?

Then you have overridden your bodies built-in natural messenger who told you when to stop eating.

Once you pass “full,” your body sends you a loud and clear message that you are about to go on a not-so joyous ride while it processes this confusing conglomerate of food stuffs that you just stuffed down your throat.

Let’s take a look inside your body after you have shoved so much food down your throat that now you’ve got “da itis.”

(That’s the hip term translated – “the itis” – meaning – the lethargy you feel after eating too much.)

Check out this video explaining the “da itis” condition.


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