Is Honey Bad For You, or Good? The Sweet Truth Revealed

Some Studies in Rats

In rats, honey leads to less oxidative stress, lower triglycerides and less fat gain than either sugar or purified fructose (7, 8).

Topical Administration of Honey

Honey may have some medicinal properties when applied to the skin, killing bacteria and speeding the healing of wounds (9, 10).

Choose Darker Honey


As I mentioned above, the composition of honey depends on the environment that the bees harvested in.

The antioxidant content of different types of honey can vary up to 20-fold. Generally speaking though, darker honeys like Buckwheat honey are better than the lighter varieties.

Should you eat honey? Well, that’s for you to decide and as with most other questions in nutrition, it depends.

If you’re healthy, active and don’t need to lose weight, then having some honey is unlikely to do you any harm and seems to be a lot less bad for you than sugar.

However, people who are overweight, diabetic and struggle with their dietary load of fructose and carbs, should probably avoid honey as much as possible.

When it comes to baking some occasional, healthy-ish treats, honey seems like an excellent alternative to replace sugar in recipes.

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