Busting Myths About Plant-based Proteins

When Comparing the National Food Guide Pyramid Against the Thrive Forward Pyramid, The Better Diet Shows Forth.

In this video, Brendan Brazier, author of the Thrive Forward Series, presents an eye-opening comparison between the way mainstream society is encouraged to eat based on the national food guide pyramid against what he promotes as the thrive forward pyramid.

The foundational difference between these two food pyramid guides is this.

The national food guide pyramid divides macronutrients – carbohyrdates, proteins and fats – into separate segments while the thrive forward pyramid does not.

The reason the thrive forward pyramid does not is because it promotes eating plant-based whole foods that contains all of these macronutrients in nature’s own balanced proportions making it unnecessary for you to seek out specific macronutrients to meet any specific dietary need.

This video covers 5 myths surrounding plant-based proteins showing how eating plant-based whole foods is balanced proportionately by Mother Nature to meet the body’s nutritional needs for protein .

Watch VIDEO Now: Busting 3 Myths About Plant-Based Proteins


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