As an event planner, it is your job to choose the most suitable catering for professional events. Unless your client has a cryptocurrency investment business or something like that, money is an important issue, so your decision should influence. In the same way, you must know the personal taste of your client and their guests. In general, there will always be many details that you should include in your decision, but not for them you should stop taking the right one. Be sure to also take into account the information and services offered by each catering service company so you can appreciate what they can give to your event and if it goes hand in hand with those who will attend.

What should you consider while hiring catering? These are the things you should keep in mind while choosing the right catering for your next event:


This point is basic in your decision. What does the catering company offer? Just food? Only drinks and mask? Strong dishes and desserts? Depending on the experience of the chef and his staff the success of the catering. So if you need to impress dignitaries or serious businessmen, it may be better to choose an elegant and dedicated dinner.

On the other hand, if it is a marketing or public relations event, it may be better to hire a less formal catering with eclectic meals. Listen to the proposals of each company and what they can do for you because there they will tell you the prices and the issues they can address.

Service staff:

One of the most common mistakes of event planners is to choose catering with an extraordinary chef and cooking team, but a very bad service team. From the beginning, take the time to review the experience of the staff that would attend the event.

If they are waiters, they must have enough experience serving, serving, and picking up quickly and among many guests. If it's bartenders, they should know how to make several drinks, limit alcohol, and above all, serve with patience and respect.

In the same way, those who prepare the dishes and pass them to the service staff should know how to organize the food and drinks in an orderly and appetizing manner.

Equipment and transfer:

When you hire a catering team, you hire everything ready, and you do not need to provide any dishes, equipment, or anything similar. Therefore, before making the decision, take into account what type of kitchen equipment they have, such as transferring food, what dishes they offer etc. Beautiful tableware, cutlery, organization, and service are essential so that the guests of the event and your client feel comfortable and happy.

Assembly and cleaning:

Another important factor in your event is the preparation and cleaning time. If the catering company takes a long time to organize the kitchen and food, then it will be more expensive, because you must pay extra for the place and time.

Likewise, cleaning time and effectiveness are also important, because if the catering people leave dirty things and the place in poor condition, who is affected is you as the organizer of the event.


If possible, you should always try the food and drink of the company you will hire, as it is not enough to read reviews online. If you contact the catering companies with enough time, they will offer you a tasting with a special menu made just for you.


Before making any decision, ask for the opinion of other experts in event planning. What experience have you had with the company? How much does it cost them? What did the guests say?

These are all questions that can help you make the right decision, as this will determine if the catering company is the right one for your client and the specific event.

These are some of the points you should keep in mind when choosing the ideal catering for your event. Take into account that now food trucks businesses have gained strength, and are an option for those more informal events and for a young and fun audience.

Make no mistake with your catering, because the success of your event depends on it completely.

Tips for choosing a catering service for companies

When choosing a good catering service for companies, some important aspects must be taken into account, so in this post, we want to offer you some practical tips, so you do not make a mistake in your choice. Having this type of services and having immediate availability makes the events that are organized to be elevated to another level.

The first axis is the food; obviously, the quality and quantity of the product must be evaluated, as well as the process of its elaboration. The second is space. To be able to plan, we must know the area we have to display the idea of attention; and the third is about the service itself: knowing the times when you need to have waiters and in what quantity

Types of Catering Services

Taking into account these three axes, we can hire catering companies according to their types. The buffet consists of a type of catering that has a variety of foods, both hot and cold, on several tables for diners to serve. This type is ideal for small lunches, work breakfasts or a coffee break. Usually, they are light and unfold quickly, a key aspect to take into account depending on the activity being developed.

This does not require much space, but it is convenient to have a room or space that is separate from the workplace or where the work event in question is being developed. If it is an intimate event in terms of the number of people or is internal, depending on the time, you could think about installing the service in the same room, in an area that can be separated with some separators, for example.

If on the contrary, it is a large meeting, it is best to have waiters who are responsible for distributing food and drink to the participants. This option is usually used when conferences, seminars or courses are held.

The second is the cocktail type. In this case, you can combine drinks and snacks. This should be easy to use with one hand, in addition to presenting variety and enough for anyone to be hungry. This is usually decided for events that are short, so the space available does not have to be very large, and you can have a minimum staff to serve many people. It is quite suitable when events such as press conferences, product presentations, fairs, among others are held.

The third type is about sitting lunches or dinners. It is the most complex option but also the most complete. There should be ample space, which is separate from the lounge of the work event since the participants or diners will be prepared to sit around a table, and there should be enough space for the movement of waiters.

It is designed for meetings with suppliers, conventions, business dinners, among other important events.


With these brief tips, you will be able to organize your business event and choose between the types of catering services that are available to make everything a success. Remember that excellence is in the details and go that food and good service is.